Sunday, December 2, 2007

Passive Excercise is killing us all.

Me and my mate Malcolm spend quite a bit of time stood outside the office these days. The reason for this is that we’re both smokers. Now before you run off and tell the police, perhaps I should just clear up a few popular misconceptions about people who smoke. Firstly, we do not all carry a small puppy around in our pocket to stub cigarettes out on. Neither do we purposefully flick lit matches through the open windows of old people’s homes (that was an accident and no charges were brought). Never the less, we remain social pariahs; stared at like carnival freaks outside restaurants, chased from public parks by angry mobs. This is our life now, thanks to the over hyped phenomena that is passive smoking. Anyway, that said, we do abide by the rules and we try not to moan and, getting back to the shelter outside the office, we kind of enjoy the regular opportunity to grab a chat. This morning’s conversation (we have to have equal amounts of topics and cigarettes so here’s a tip girls: if you’re serious about finding Mr Personality, go get yourself a twenty a day man) was about global warming, specifically that frequently misunderstood and much maligned gas, carbon dioxide. During the course of the discussion we roughly calculated the contribution of CO2 in the atmosphere from you’re average set of lungs, and this totalled up globally to about 30% of the annual USA CO2 emissions. Big number that, but what struck me was that this is the figure calculated at rest. Imagine how much this increases during exercise when your lungs are pumping hard to drag 200lbs of flab round Central Park. My point is this. If we, the smokers, are to feel the full brunt of the law because of a possible link between poor health and passive smoking, shouldn’t those same agencies who persecute us be banning sweat suits too? The people who jog, sweat and grunt their way through life are not only, for the most part, offensive to the eye but also breathing too much and hurtling our world ever quicker towards its ultimate demise. Just a thought.


Melanie said...

I quit smoking a year ago. I don't regret it one bit. I didn't lose my personality because of it either! I miss my time away from my desk though. :wink: Now about burning sweat suits? bollocks. just shred them and make stuffed teddy bears and pillows for africa. don't have to look at anything. just like I don't have to stand next to you while you smoke.

is it happy hour yet? I need a guinness.

Andy Tilley said...

Yeash but mel, I can't walk round the park with my eyes shut.....just realised, you're a jogger aren't you)))

Day Walker said...

Tilley. You are talking crap here. O.K.. Fatties are not nice to look at.. neither was my Dad as he lay in a hospital bed dying of lung cancer. I'd rather see a fatty in a leotard than that.