Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kenya understand it? 'Cos I can't.

Now I’m not particularly well informed about African politics but I do keep my on the news and at least try to be. I’ve seen about as much as Sky news has to offer about the troubles in Kenya for example but still I have no bloody idea what it’s all about. I thought all that was going to change this morning when I returned from the shower just in time to catch today’s offering brought to us by tiny blonde reporter Emma Herd (?) as she’s being jostled by the mob. She walks toward the camera and opens a discussion with a very sensible and calm looking blue shirted man. So, the bloke begins talking but says nothing about inflation, land rights, access to health care, poverty etc etc. All he bangs on about is my people this and my people that. Nothing of any substance. And he gets louder every time he says ‘my people’ too until he’s shouting and screaming and then bugger me if, from behind his back, he doesn’t pull this huge machete and start waving that in our beloved Emma’s face. Hold on pal, what the hell has she done? Anyway, he isn’t there long because a bigger, angrier bloke pushes his way forward, shoves the guy in the blue shirt out of the way and waves an even bigger machete at tiny Ms Herd. Then the camera cuts and we get back to ‘other news’. Left me wondering how it all works over there. But it also left me angry and mumbling to myself ‘am I bovvered’ as I switched the telly off.

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