Friday, October 5, 2007

Ancient Greece...It'll be lovely when its finished.

So that’s me back from Greece. More specifically, Rhodes, which is a crumbling rock of an island pinned between the Agean and the Adriatic seas. Great time had by all too, especially my mum and dad who celebrated their golden wedding anniversary whilst we were there. We stayed near Lindos, which I’m told is the ancient capital of the place. Lindos is akin to a rat maze. The streets are white and narrow and defined by a tumble of low, square buildings (scattered like feta cubes) each with a roof top restaurant served by white shirted greek boys. Magnificant place but with only one public piazza large enough for the hundreds of coaches to empty their loads of map clutching tourists, entering the town is frantic at the outset; everyone squeezing urgently into the run to sniff out and gather the cheese. Above Lindos there is an ancient acropolis (no doubt where the scientists observe from!) and it dominates today as it did when it was first built over 2000 years ago. It looks broken now, beaten down by shaking ground, harsh winds and the occasional invader. At least that’s what we are led to believe. To be honest, I don’t buy it. You see, having driven around the island and seen the quality of the modern day greek work ethic, I don’t think that the acropolis is in fact a ruin. No, I’m willing to bet my bollocks that they never bloody finished it in the first place.


zane said...

I can only agree with you!

Melanie said...

ah... greece... I wonder what it smells like? or tastes like?

thanks for the visual.

Andy Tilley said...

Hey Melanie, sorry for for not getting back earlier but I got whisked away to FRance. By the way, you're not a scouser are you? If so, don't be offended by my latest rant))))