Thursday, October 4, 2007

Celebrity Suicide is just not what it should be.

So did we ever find out what this was all about? More specifically, does anyone know how he attempted to take his life? I ask this because I think that if celebrities (Owen being one of many) are going to insist on trying to kill themselves, then shouldn’t they be doing a better job of it? And just hold on, before you label me as cruel and heartless, I’m not saying that I wish he had pulled it off but only that his attempt should have been a little more, let’s say, showbizzy.

These people have masses of resources at their disposal; money, cars, boats, planes and stunt coordinators for Christ’s sake! I personally feel a tad disappointed when I see on the news that Mr A list was found lying on his bed by the cleaner, feeling slightly poorly after gobbing a handful of valium. Pathetic.
Actors and rock stars owe us. They are celebrities created by us. If they’re really serious about checking out, then surely they should be putting a little more effort in, for their fans if nothing else. The news footage Owen Wislon’s public deserves is images of him leaping from a burning helicopter into a shark infested pool, naked and smeared in fish guts. Celebrity suicide should be just that; spectacular and mind blowing. So come on Jackson, let’s see if you can step up and do a better job.


Day Walker said...

Mr Tilley,

Is there something you want to get off your chest?! You seem very angry at the fact these celebs are failing in suicide attempts.

And why is it you want Wacko Jacko to top himself? Were you abused as a child?

I think Mr.Tilley, that you need to seek some kind of therapy?

And if you ask Hawkins "who one the cup in '56? " he probably would give you 'static'?!

- What answer are you looking for? There was no '56 cup'?!

Hawkins would probably tell you this anyway, as he's always on-line. Have you not seen his chair?

Andy Tilley said...


Not angry at failed suicides, just think that, if they really wnat to top themselves they should go out with a glitzy bang.

zane said...

I can't disagree with anything you say Andy. They are sad, very sad people.

Melanie said...

okay the responses here are pathetic!

This is clearly tongue in cheek, and yea, MJ should be dangled from a balcony.. then accidentally dropped. Clearly talented people aren't perfect but if performance is your gig, then performance should be your final gig. Don't get the Oscar for doing it half-ass.

isn't that the point A.T?

Andy Tilley said...

Taht is exactly the point Melanie. Ignore day walker...he's just bitter and twisted)))))

Andy Tilley said...

Taht is exactly the point Melanie. Ignore day walker...he's just bitter and twisted)))))

Day Walker said...

@ Melanie... have you been dropped from a balcony at some point?!